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Leasing & Management

Spectrum Properties’ leasing and management company services the Southeast with offices located in Charlotte and Raleigh, NC and Nashville, TN. Our clients include financial institutions, insurance companies, pension fund advisors, private trusts, and individual real estate investors. We have extensive experience in leasing and managing office towers, suburban office buildings and parks, office/flex projects, and industrial buildings.

Key components to our clients’ success are four-fold: Our commitment to strategic planning for each project, our emphasis on our continued development of market expertise among our partners and marketing representatives, our passion for customer service, and our focus on building relationships with our tenants and owners.

Value-Added Strategic Planning

One of the key components to our clients’ success is our commitment to strategic planning for each project. On an annual basis, each of our team members participates in a strategic planning process for their respective properties. These meetings are led by one of Spectrum’s partners and are attended by the project’s respective owners. The result of this planning process is that all of our team members’ efforts are aligned and focused on the owner’s strategic goals for the property.

Market Expertise

Another key component of our approach to serving clients is our emphasis on the continued development of market expertise. Each of our partners and marketing representatives is continuously in touch with the markets that we serve. We maintain databases of market data – gathered from outside sources and developed internally – that are readily available (on-line) to our people. This market knowledge is a key resource that we use to help our owners achieve their leasing, occupancy and income/return objectives.

Tenant Relationships

Finally, we emphasize our relationships with each of our clients’ key customers – our buildings’ tenants. Unlike many institutional property managers, Spectrum has developed a passion for customer service. We maintain a continuous training/continuous improvement headset with every person in the company. We are proud of the successes that we have helped our tenants (and our clients) achieve.

As a result of our emphasis on strategic planning at the project level, the continuous development of our market expertise, and our focus on tenant relationships, Spectrum has become one of the largest and most respected third party leasing and management companies in the Carolinas.


We are committed to being ecologically responsible. All new projects are LEED-certified, and we employ ’smart growth" principles at all of our projects.

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